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Web-based Operator Console

When you are on the move, do you leave your customers astray?

Every business owner dreads the fact that in absence of online support, he may be losing business. Even if you have Live Chat in your website, operators need to be logged in without interruption, but what about situational constraints?

eAssistance Pro equips you with a smart solution, the Web-based Operator Console.

Web-based Operator Console - How it works

We have done everything; packed it with powerful features, kept it simple, made it lightweight for instant login, and made it globally accessible to keep you connected with your target audience whenever and wherever you want.

Just login into the web console using any operator account credential and provide immediate assistance using any web browser from any OS platform.

How it helps your business?
  • Just open a browser in any remote system, tablet, or even smartphone and be right there to connect with your customers.
  • Avoid added manpower cost's involved in providing 24/7 support system.
  • When the need arises for a department specialist to communicate directly with a customer, he doesn't need to leave his system.
  • Check for 'Offline messages' and respond quickly

Nothing beats the added benefit of having a web-login option apart from the conventional standalone console. Make the smart choice; choose it whenever you need it.