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Acts as a navigation guide

Navigate your web site by "co-browsing" with your website visitor. See what your website visitors are looking for, what the page they are viewing and guide them in finding the real solution. Operators could cultivate interest in them by proactively inviting them to chat and solve their queries in the real time. In fact, your operators could easily "push" specific web pages to the visitors and could assist them through your site, locate the requested information.

Offers convenience to deal with critical enrollment bombards

While enrolling, students always have many queries and do not know how and where to start from. Forms for registration can always be complex, and having online web chat interface is helpful in such conditions. Having eAssistance Pro live chat support means that students will be able to get instant answers when they are uncertain. Aspects like "courses" available, "eligibility criteria" in the desired field, associated teaching, curriculum training and allied facilities can be detailed with pertinent information. Representatives can explain in great detail about the "placement" initiatives taken by the institute and various" job opportunities" associated with the desired program.

Assists in engagement with more students

With the help of a live support chat facility enabled on the website, your institute's representatives can also engage the students as the first step. eAssistance Pro chat software can be used across an institution to reach out to enrolled students and parents or alumni as well. You could use this chatting software to support requests for inter-library loan or even answer reference-related questions. In addition, remote students could also chat with professors, who just got to sign on during regular office hours.

Effective solution for the hearing impaired students

Facilitating online web chat interface on your website you could also reach out, help and further guide hearing impaired students as well. In fact, such interface allows such students to interact with your school just like any other student.

Allows instant flow of information

eAssistance Pro chat live software could very well create a platform where all of your departments could work cooperatively and assist students without wasting any time. Departments such as Registration, Accounts, Student Library Services, and so on should be selectable to your students. In fact, representatives from one department could transfer chats to staff in other departments who may able to answer specific questions more efficiently.

Major Benefits of eAssistance Pro Software for Educational Organizations:

Removes Bottlenecks

With eAssistance Pro Live Support Chat software your trained operators can get engaged with multiple website visitors concurrently and provide canned responses to every standard question.

Streamlines communication channel

This help desk software can be utilized with great efficiency as a "trust building" tool as your operators can provide answers to various quires on flexible payment schedules or possible scholarships available.

Reduces Communication Cost

With eAssistance Pro flash chat software you will also be able to save time and decrease the costs by shifting communications from telephone, posts and email to real-time chat.

Saves students time and efforts

With Live chat software students can just chat with operators and can get the required information within a short time interval.

Reduce application abandonment

Provided with the functionality to monitor visitor's behavior you could offer assistance to retain them who show slight indications of abandoning an application.

Support distance learning:

Enable remote students to chat with professors, who simply sign on to LivePerson during regular office hours.