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Replicate the in-store experience

This chat live software provides the functionality to greet your online visitor with welcome message and having one-on-one communication allows your visitors have a real in-store experience. In conditions when they need assistance, their questions could also be answered online. Promotions and discounts can be offered to them instantly while they browse your website. Also, operators could show and explain to the buyer about all the products that visitor had selected for purchase. Such real-time interaction provides a high quality shopping experience and visitors will carry that positive experience. The entire communication is transparent to your customers.

Allows getting hold of prospective buyer

With chat live online software it is very easy for you to reach out to your visitors who in most of the occasions demonstrate purchase intent but somehow get confused. In fact, chat messenger enabled in your online retail website, operators could easily initiate a chat session with the website visitors and guide them. Such simple act could make the buyers stick to website and there is always a probability that you could convince the buyer to make a purchase.

Prevents shopping cart rejection

Research shows most of the sales order gets disturbed at the point of ordering. Prospective customers become too cautious when it comes to provide personal information during the purchasing method, which ultimately leads them to abandon their shopping cart. Using eAssistance Pro voice chat feature embedded in your website you can assure completion of the sale by walking them through the entire process of making an online payment.

Helps in increasing order value

With live chat support interface enabled in your website there is always a possibility to convince your prospective buyer to purchase more quantity of the selected product and thus increasing order value. Operators could easily explain the offers available on volume purchase and at the same time give details about discounts available or the amount of money that can be saved when the quantity you are ready to pay for is more.

Provides post-sales service

You could also provide post sales service to your customers as well. In fact, in situation when buyers want to know about the shipment status of the purchased goods, with live chat software he or she can easily get in touch with the operator just by referring purchase order number. Moreover, you could also explain the transit delays to the buyer.

Major Benefits of eAssistance Pro Software for e-commerce:

Understand your Customer

This live chat software allows you to have live interaction with your customers and understand their requirements that in-turn may help you increase order size or convince for further transactions.

Secure and Reliable

Embedded with high secure and reliable features allows your customer to share non-financial private data over live chat support as part of customer support function.

Reduce high-cost phone bills

With the help of eAssistance Pro live support chat software you get to have one such cost-effective online chat channel could using which website visitors can easily get connected with one of your agents.

Compensate for absence of Hands-On Inspection

You could easily compensate on hands-on inspection usually done by buyer by offering on-demand explanation about the product's features and pushing photos of the products right through this chatting software..