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A store where you are welcomed when you enter, an attendant that helps you walk through the store, a cashier that ensures payment is a cakewalk; all of this definitely compels you to be back. Why not transcend that!

Bless your site with live chat and surpass all expectations of your visitors. Make their experience at your website an affair that lingers. Solve queries, provide good customer service, connect instantly and indulge in proactive practices to make your business grow effortlessly more...

No one's perfect and we are humans to make mistakes. But spelling mistakes won't withstand such an excuse as your visitors may not point it out directly but definitely take a note of it. Given the amount of co-ordination, speed and multitasking requirements; accuracy may get compromised. Thus, it's always good to know that whatever the errors be, they get highlighted and you may get rid of them in a jiffy.

Along with, an intelligent dictionary broadens your personalized lingo and auto-suggestion widens your choices. more...

Since businesses took the online path, we no more cognize the face of our customers. We only face them through online interactions. Thus, it's quite important to know your visitors and see of what good they can be to your business. Not every visitor will end up at your site but with the right effort, a prospective customer can be earned any day. Visitor monitoring provides details of every visitor's IP address, host name, country, browser, pages visited, navigation history, search string and more. more...

It's in the best interest of all, that security parameters are always dealt with utmost sincerity. Likewise, we have included all essential features to ensure working with eAssistance Pro a secure affair. 256-bit SSL security helps you be at peace regarding any security infringement or data theft. Logs, transcripts and archives ensure that you are aware of every conversation involved with your business. IP Address and domain block features comes handy to strike out any unwanted scenario.more...

For a bird's-eye view over your website visitors.

When you want to see all your visitors on a global layout; head to this section. Zoom-in and watch over more intricately. This seems good but what's better are the benefit. Place your brand as per your website's geographical density. Make strategies for niche marketing and make your visitors feel welcomed in a native format. Apart from these, know the exact status of each visitor on-site through color-coded markers. more...

You know best about your business. It's much likely that you may want to tweak a few things before incorporating our service into yours. Thus, we have offered everything that can visually transform the look and feel of our application. If you are running out of clue, we already offer a lot of options to choose from. But if you are in favor of ingenuity and want to customize your product personally; you got all the branding aids included right in the settings section to create your own marque. more...

Your store's footfall ultimately decides your business' fate. Similarly, your website's visitor traffic helps you to conclude a lot. And not just that, based on the facts, it helps you to make strategies and propel your business towards better growth. Get page by page details, traffic location details, time spent details, and extensive reports to empower you with all needed tools to undertake growth oriented initiatives. more...


Not everyone speaks and understands the same language or we never needed so many. Although, English being the lingua franca of this world, we still need to emphasize on many other languages.

So, these are the languages we support: Arabic, Catalan, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hmong, Indonesian, Italian, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, and Urdu. For languages that support 'right-to-left' text direction, the software automatically tracks them and displays it in the same direction.

Also, eAssistance Pro offers the choice to select a default language other than English from French, German and Spanish. Choose the preferred language and all onscreen messages get displayed in the selected language. Also, all entries for onscreen messages can be edited as per choice.

Dual Operator Consoles

Login to the standalone operator console or the web-based console; both are comprehensive enough to aid you with all required tools for adept customer service. Where the web-based console can be used ubiquitously, the stand-alone console makes up by offering few more features. Moreover, they both complement each other that you never run out of options from being available for your website visitors.

Unlimited Website License

Purchase a single package and reap benefits by adding live chat code in any number of domains that you own. Packages depend upon operator license count and not website license count. So, you just pay for the number of operators you need, not for the number of websites where you intent to incorporate live chat.

Moreover, create as many operator IDs as you wish, the system automatically limits concurrent login up to purchased license count.

Multi-instance Login

Suddenly multitasking has emerged as a global requisite. So, we did think about it too and incorporated something special to let your operators multitask as well. Multiple operator consoles of eAssistance Pro can be logged in from the same system using different login ID. This can be of paramount help when you are short of manpower or maybe an operator can step into the shoes of another until he's back at desk.

Auto-chat invitation

'A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush'. However once you secure the one in hand, it doesn't means you stop looking around for those in the bush.

To be simple, auto-invitation serves as the perfect tool to garner more customers by responding proactively. Break the ice by sending chat invitations to your visitors and help your business grow. Either narrow down prospective customers and send invitations manually or set auto-chat invitation to try your luck with every visitor

Auto Responder

One can't be always there for immediate response; that's where offline messages serve purpose but then again, not all issues can be resolved instantly; and that's where auto-responder solves the problem at hand. Preset auto response message and avoid sending your visitors in a state of limbo till they don't hear a word from you. Keep them posted that people back at your office are looking into their matter diligently.

Automatic Chat Distribution

As your business grows and chat volume rises, the propensity to separate chats, group operators, and automate assignment turns out to be an increasingly important task. It is because of this reason; the tool has been integrated with this automatic chat distribution system to ensure organized distribution of incoming requests among the available agents. It enables refined distribution and assignment of incoming chat request to the right agent. Visitors are automatically directed to the first available agent. Every new chat request will go to the first available agent with accepting chat status. However, in case, when all agents are engaged with one chat each, the next round will be distributed. The process keeps running until there are no new chats.

SMTP Server Settings

Managing SMTP Server Settings can to result in a better user level experience. The feature permits you to effectively configure SMTP Settings from your own website hosting end. Just require to select "Use my own SMTP Server" option, and add a personal touch to transcripts, which ultimately results the recipients see your email address in the "From" section in all mail programs. In one way, it provides you with an ability to connect to your email servers.

Chat Operating Hours

Technically, integrating an online chat service on the website is easy as it's a simple job of copy & paste operation on a piece of code. But for every organization it is not possible to enable proactive chat session when operators are offline. Therefore, a simple act of setting chat operating hours helps in defining number of minutes an agent is reassigned to login. You just require checking or unchecking the box to turn on or off the live chat feature when the company business hours are closed. Setting chat availability hours is beneficial as it advise that the chat is unavailable when operators are not available.

Advance Reports

The Report feature of the software creates report for each domain on which the user has pasted the chat code. One can easily have an access to the report and get the summarized detail of the activities on each domain, such as Top browser, Top Operating systems, Top Visited Pages, Top Exist Pages, Top Referrers, Top Hosts, etc.

Facebook Integration

Chat in real time with your fans directly from Facebook page. The feature like Facebook integration makes it possible for website visitors to chat with your chat operators right from the company's Facebook page. You would just require adding a personalized chat button to your Company's Facebook page and it will easily redirect the Visitor to personalized Start Chat window.

Pre-type Messages

Quite frequently, customers have common questions, and for every such question there is a common answer. If you establish pre-typed messages or responses to expected questions, live chat operators can easily handle more conversations. Thus, the feature allows you to tag pre-typed responses that can be easily accessible from within chat transcripts. A simple act of assigning tags to a pre-typed message, helps in delivering the response to visitor instantly and automatically without typing the message again.