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  • How to get started

    Getting started with eAssistance Pro hardly takes any time. Just sign up with us to experience a 15 days free trial period. Click here to Register a free account

    Go to Get Chat Button

    Copy and Paste the HTML Chat button code on your website.

    Download and Install the operator console or use the web based console to chat with your visitors.

    Login to your operator consoles to answer chat queries, track visitors, invite visitors for chat, and much more.

  • How long does it take to integrate eAssistance Pro on my web site?

    As long as it takes you to insert the HTML code on your web-pages. You can customize your web-pages anytime to change appearance and layout of the Chat Button.

  • What does my visitor needs to install to start chatting?

    Nothing! He/she just needs to click on the Chat Button screen and your operators will automatically receive incoming chat requests. Accepting chat request initiates chatting session.

  • How many operators can login at a time?

    You may create as many operator IDs as you want but at a time only subscribed number of operators can login; i.e., if you have a plan which supports 5 operators, then at a time, maximum 5 operators can login simultaneously.

  • How many departments can I have?

    Apart from the trial version, which only allows 2 departments, every paid subscriber is entitled to create 10 departments regardless of the plan type.

  • Are pre-defined responses/canned responses available?

    Yes, Canned Responses can be created both by the admin and individual operators. Canned response created by the admin will be available throughout every operator logged in under that subscriber.

    If any operator creates his/her own canned response, it will be available specifically only on his/her operator console.

  • Can I use eAssistance Pro on more than one website at the same time?

    Absolutely. Our plans are per subscriber based and not website oriented. If you happen to have multiple websites, you can avail eAssistance Pro services on all the websites through one shared plan.

    In fact, every plan is the same except varying in number of operator licenses.

  • How many chats can each operator handle?

    One operator can handle as many conversations as he/she is comfortable with. There is no such limitation and any incoming chat request will be displayed on every operator's screen assigned to that particular department.

    We recommend maximum 5 conversations per operator for optimum performance - this definitely beats telephonic support! However, it is up to the discretion of admin to limit the number of responses per operator as handling a large number of visitor singlehandedly can significantly decrease productivity. We recommend you to either login more operators or upgrade subscription (if every operator is already logged in) but this decision solely resides upon you.

  • Can visitors send offline messages?

    Yes, if your operators are offline at any moment. Incoming visitors willing to initiate a chat session can instead send offline messages which can be replied by operators upon logging-in. These replied messages will reach in their email address. You can also place link for chat in email.

  • Can I upgrade/downgrade anytime?

    Absolutely! We don't pose any hindrance in your business decisions.

    It totally depends upon you regarding the choice of plan. You may upgrade any moment and pay the difference in amount or you may downgrade and any extra amount will be added in your wallet for future use.

  • What is this wallet system?

    Wallet is a virtual repository which stores all extra amount accumulated in your account. This ensures that you don't lose anything while changing subscriptions. Any extra amount in your wallet gets used up before charging you future purchases.

  • What if I decide to purchase a plan after my trial period expires?

    Every registration detail remains secure with us. Even if the trial period has expired, you will still be able to login in your account for couple of days and you may purchase any plan.

    However, if you are unable to login, contact our support team through any means and we will reactivate your account and you can easily purchase any plan.

  • Can I modify my profile and perform other settings?

    Sure, the moment you login to your account, a new tab called 'My Account' appears and you are directed towards the Dashboard section. This is where all the customization happens.

    Navigate to the Settings section. From here you can update your profile details.

    Change chat settings such as date & time format, chat update intervals, etc.

    The Images section allows you to change chat icons, header image/ logo and invite chat image.

    Banned section allows you to view and add undesirable IPs and Domains from chatting on your website.

    Switch to Canned section to add canned responses.

    Subscription allows you to enable/disable newsletters.

  • Can I customize the chat window?

    Yes, totally. Choose from the numerous available options from our gallery or use your own custom images.

    The header image in the chat window can either be set from the gallery or from you're My Account > Manage Settings > Images section. In this later section, you can upload custom images as per your choice.

    Operator Image can be changed from Home > Operator pictures section after selecting the operator first or from My Account > Manage Operators > View all section. Click the 'pencil' icon under Action to update image of the required operator from our gallery or to set a custom image for that particular operator.

  • Can I lead a client to visit a page?

    Of course, use the co-browser section to do so. You can also help a client to land on a particular page by following these steps:

    1. From the Task Panel, select Visitors

    2. Right-click on the visitor detail line and select Website Push

    3. Enter the URL in Target URL section and a message to lead client to the required page.

  • Can I transfer visitor chat among operators?

    Yes, very much. Choose the 'Transfer Chat' button placed above the operator chat panel and select an active operator for transferring an ongoing chat session to another operator.

  • Can I send files over chat?

    Yes, you can send any kind of file up to 5MB in size over chat. Just select the 'Send File' option from your chat screen and browse to upload required files.

  • Can I invite visitors on my website to chat?

    Yes, from the Task Panel, select Visitors

    Right-click on the visitor detail line and select Invite to Chat

    Select Department and click send now

    The selected visitor will receive a chat invitation on his browser screen.

    NOTE: You can also customize the chat invitation image and message.

Integration & Support
  • Can visitors chat from mobile platforms?

    eAssistance Pro chat services are fully functional on all major mobile platforms. Visitors can chat through IPhone, iPad, Android devices, Blackberry, Windows iPhone and Symbian devices.

    Ensure that your website is mobile friendly for better assimilation of online chat services through smaller screens.

  • Which browsers support eAssistance Pro?

    eAssistance Pro is supported by all major browsers. These include Internet Explorer, Google Chrome Mozilla, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

  • Which operating systems are supported?

    Visitors can chat from any browser regardless of operating system variations.

    The downloadable operator console is right now supported by Windows platform only.

    Other OS users can use the Web-based Operator console to chat with visitors.

    Operator consoles for Mac OSX and LINUX are soon to be released.

  • What are the limitations of Trial Demo?

    The 15 days free trial period is fully functional. Limitations lie in the fact that, of course, it works only for 15 days.

    During the trial period, every subscriber account has only one default operator and two departments. Apart from this, rest of all features and functions are similar to paid subscription.

  • Can I permanently block anyone from chatting through my site?

    Yes, you can. We understand that depending upon your business type, you may face unwanted visitors on your website.

    Go to My Account > Manage Settings > Banned

    Include IP address as well as domains of all those intruders whom you wish to keep away from your websites.

  • Can I integrate eAssitance pro in CMS based websites?

    Yes, we provide plug-ins for all major Content Management Systems. Plug-ins and other modules can be availed from the Add-on section.

    Plug-ins for Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal can be downloaded directly from site and used. Apart from this, we have an extended tutorial section for integrating chat services in many other third party services such as Magento, Blogger, Zen Desk, Big Commerce, Salesforce, eBay ProStores, Shopify, etc.

  • Is every chat record saved?

    Yes, every chat transcript is saved and can be availed by the operator as well as admin. Admin can provide settings as per which transcripts are archived.

    Chat transcripts can be mailed to any email address and also exported in Text as well as HTML format.

  • Where do I find the survey/feedback results?

    Post chat survey results can be availed from your account section. In My Account, go to survey section. Here you can check all visitor feedbacks and also customize surveys.

  • Do you provide customer support for eAssistance Pro?

    Of course! We are available 24/7 for your support.

    Contact us through Live Chat as this is what we also prefer.

    For additional support, you may reach us through our telephone helpline or even drop a mail anytime.

  • Do I need to pay anything or register card details for availing the trial version?

    Not at all! All you need to do is to provide your email address, choose an account name and enter the password. That's it. You are good to experience eAssistance Pro free of charge for 15 days on all your websites.

  • Which plan is the best for me?

    Every plan basically offers the same set of features and functions. The only difference lies in package duration and number of operator license. Choose the one that suits you the best and is required as per your traffic needs. Use the 'Comparison' section to get a basic overview about various available plans. Moreover, you can upgrade/downgrade plans anytime without losing any amount.

  • How do the plans differ from each other?

    Every plan offers the same set of features and functions. The only difference lies in package duration and number of operator license. Therefore, choose the one that suits you the best and is required as per your traffic needs

  • Are discounts available?

    Why not! The longer the subscription duration, the better the discount you receive.

    1 Month Plan: 0% discount

    3 Months Plan: 5% discount

    6 Months Plan: 10% discount

    1 Year Plan: 20% discount

  • How do I upgrade/downgrade my account?

    In order to switch from any existing plan, you would need to first cancel your current subscription and then purchase a new plan as per your requirements.

    All your account settings will remain intact and the service won't be interrupted.

    Please login to your account, visit My Package page, go to Upgrade section, click Cancel for Upgrade and confirm the canceled. Now choose the new package from the Purchase page.

    If your new plan charges are higher than the just cancelled plan, you will have to pay the difference between the new subscription price and your balance in wallet during upgrade.

    In case, new plan charges are lower, your wallet will be credited with the extra amount. The new billing cycle will start from the date of successful upgrade.

  • How do I pay?

    We support all major payment systems such as Credit Card, PayPal and we ensure complete security throughout the payment procedure. You can also register your card for auto-payment and forget about recurrent manual payments.

  • Am I entitled for free upgrades?

    Sure! We are committed towards our work and believe in offering the best. Whenever we come up with an update, you will be notified and you may upgrade as per your choice.

  • How secure is eAssitance Pro?

    eAssistance Pro has been developed keeping all necessary parameters in mind and security comes first. Therefore, we provide SSL 256bit encrypted secure connection (https ://)

  • I forgot my password. How can I recover it?

    If you happen to forget your password, then click on the link 'Forget Password' under Login section.

    Enter your email address or account name and you will receive an email with a link to generate new password.

  • I have forgotten all my details. Is there a way out?

    Unfortunately, if you have forgotten all your account details such as account name and provided email address, you won't be able to do much from your own side.

    However, get in touch with us and you can still recover your account details if you have an existing plan.