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Why eAssistance Pro

eAssistance Pro has been designed to enable fast and easy communication between you and your website visitors at an extremely affordable price. It not only allows you to communicate with visitors but also offers extensive details about them which significantly assist to convert them into customers. This software is a cutting-edge technological tool to enhance your revenue to greater extents. It has been developed in accordance with quantitative research data which shows the positive impacts that chat software can make to increase your sales.

Industry Lowest Prices

We offer competitive prices to help you steer your business towards better benefits and not bigger bills. Let whatever be your business zone or budget, our affordable pricing solutions fits every business type.

Moreover, you save huge with bigger and longer subscriptions. If you are still looking for a better reason, then you will be glad to know that you may even call for a custom quote for your business specific needs.

Highly Secure

Security is unconditionally our top priority. You can rely on our secure network for any business communication as all your online conversations are reinforced with encryption through SSL security. Promote the same among your visitors to ensure their trust. Chat with reliable 256 bit SSL security and avoid the fear of losing business specific data to intruders and online hackers.

Extensive Reports

We believe that reports and statistics play a pivotal role in pushing your business to higher levels. eAssistance Pro provides all communication details for transparent auditing of your website's performance and chats.

Hit the reports section in the console to get interesting graphs over chat status, page views, archives and total site visits. Chat logs tell all about console activities and transcripts provide complete info about every single chat.

Behavioral Marketing

Analyze your web traffic, get complete visitor insights, invite prospective buyers and indulge in real time communication. Find the keywords and referrers through which visitors land on your website and optimize your site accordingly. Find the pages that are hit among your visitors, the sections which need more introspection and market your products better.

Know your traffic and find solutions to extend your traffic.

Flexible and Customizable

Wide range of plans, custom quotes, any moment plan change, zero balance loss definitely says something about our flexibility and customization is just a matter of your choice.

Match the look and feel of the visitor chat window to better position your brand. Customize the visitor start chat form and feedback form to get to know about your visitors and their opinion about your services. You just need to give a try, there are a lot more of options and customizations that you will never get tired of.

Diligent Support

Support is the backbone which keeps you sturdy and helps you look straight towards better growth. We believe in the same and thus, for our customers we are seated round-the-clock for assistance. Whether you are a paid subscriber or just trying our services, we love to ensure that working with our product is a cakewalk.

A few more reasons to smile
  • 99.9 % up-time, immediate response and unlimited bandwidth.
  • Plug-ins and widgets for all major CMS and cart solutions. If you wish, we even integrate it for you at no additional costs.
  • Extended geo-mapping with color coded markers give a bird's-eye-view of your website's reach.
  • The combination of Standalone and Web-based Operator consoles ensure that you are perfectly positioned for continuous online support.
  • Concurrent login of the standalone console from the same system allows a help desk executive to login with multiple operator IDs.