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Increase website exposure

Provided with real-time website monitoring functionality built into eAssistance Pro the information collected could help you construct healthy business relationships. It gives a feel for what is working and what is not working in advertising and promotion. In order to better utilize dollars spend on advertising this information gives you the opportunity to promptly adjust any promotions to further attract prospective customers and much more.

Cuts the cost of communication

Web hosting services are offered on a global basis, and using numerous local phone lines at a time to answer queries of all customers from around the world is not that easy for hosts. With the cost of a regular customer care telephone call could be anywhere between $2 to $5, enabling online live chat facility with the help of eAssistance Pro could easily cut your monthly telephone costs. At the same time your sales and customer support can be managed via live website chat. This cost competitive eAssistance Pro live chat software can successfully accommodate budgets and companies of all sizes.

Generates an image of reliability

Enabling a live chat button on a hosts' website you give an indication as a hosting provider you care about your customers' needs and always ready to offer an immediate assistance. Knowing that there are operators always ready to help them out in real time and committed to provide answers to their questions, could make your customers feel safer and more confident in your host.

Instant feedback and messaging

It is always very rare for a web host to get feedback, but that is exactly what you can get with eAssistance Pro live chat customer support software. With live chat it gets lot easier for you to hear from your own customers, you can get to know about improvements you can make in your service, and problems they are having with their account.

Terrific customer service

With live chat support option enabled in your website you provide your customers best way to interact. It acts a valuable tool and offer simplicity of assistance at the click of button. By leveraging the power of Live Chat with your website you provide outstanding customer service experience.

Major Benefits of eAssistance Pro Software for Web Hosting Service Providers:

Low Cost High Quality Customer Support

This software can save your investments into expensive customer support platforms by offering quality customer service at a low price as you can ensure 24X7 help desk support.

Provide Live References

This online chat software allows you to use Co-Browser and Page-push functionality to offer live references of your work to your Leads.

Visitor Traffic Monitoring

Monitor your website traffic to offer operator-initiated assistance to the visitors through live chat support and at the same time you could prevent website abandonment.

Instant Sales

In a highly-competitive space like web-hosting services with eAssistance Pro you can also transfer specification sheets, rate charts or any other marketing collateral to customers.