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Live Monitoring and Instant Messaging

eAssistance Pro provides you with real-time live monitoring feature that makes it easy for you to view the listings prospective customers are looking at and the time he or she is spending on each one. So, at any time, operators can successfully invite website visitors to provide details regarding the type of property or home they are looking for.

Show Potential Buyers Properties during Live Chat

With this eAssistance Pro live help messenger you could very well increase the usefulness of live chat support with the webpage "push" feature. In fact, this live chat software allows agent to make or refer specific pages that may contain the listings or images of properties during a live chat. You can push images or files to the visitor or may even offer substitute choices on properties that could very well meet their explicit measures.

Personalized the Chat Screen

This live chat support software gives both agents and website visitors an easy way to make initial contact with each other and at same time trade required information. In fact, it is very much possible for an agent to customize the appearance of his or her chat window with a photo or individual logo. In addition, agents could easily put or upgrade their individual addresses so that customers could email them if they are not available for live chat.

Facilitates 24X7 hours customer care service

Real estate is more like a 24 X 7 hours kind of profession, but you can't be available 24 X 7 hours to talk with your prospective customers. And, therefore the real issue is you just might never be able to know if that website visitor had 10 different properties or plot to sell - or wants to buy a property that would net hefty commissions. By embedding a simple click to chat live help feature in your website it get easy for you and visitor send offline message and set an appointment.

Improves sales or buying processes

Live chat feature embedded in your website allows you spruce up your offerings with in-depth intelligence and targeted content. No redundant information and no entertaining content. Your online helpdesk support with this help desk software could take your business closer than ever to your customers and can improve the level of communication with more transparency.

Major Benefits of eAssistance Pro Software for Real Estate Organizations:

Initiate Contact

With Live Support Chat software you can invite visitors for online chat and could very well proactively engage with each visitor for a fruitful association.

Explain Plot Details

Online Live Chat Support Tool is a convenient way of sharing such information along with brokerage rate, site address, property details and other information on a one-to-one basis.

Capturing Online Sales Application

Online chat software can streamline the live help interface by helping buyers filing the online form or can help to capture the information through chat itself.

Chat from Any Location

Usage of live web chat tool allows your agents to monitor the chat requests from anywhere and at anytime even in condition where you are hosting an open house.