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Interact with clients (patients) online

Live chat software offers your medical professionals the most helpful method to interact with clients who may require medical assistance without any need to come into the doctor's clinic. The 24/7 online chat support provided by the live chat software allows you to provide timely care for individuals at right time as well as get rid of wastage of unnecessary time.

Get relevant data from patients' right on your website

Getting appropriate and correct data from patients in a manner that is private for the patient can be very beneficial for a successful medical practice. Live chat software can help you bring collectively the most advanced chat technology and effective customer care service in your website, which ultimately helps in diagnosing your patients more precisely.

Instant advice to visitors (patients)

eAssistance Pro live chat support also makes your online pharmacy easily accessible. Any website visitor having questions about the pricing, shipping can simply click on the Live Assistance button on your website and start a private messaging window. And, after the live help chat request is accepted, your operator and website visitor could communicate with each other.

Secure chat environment

eAssistance Pro live support allows your operators to chat with website visitors in real-time. Although operators can carry out multiple chats at the same time, but every single online chat takes place in a private room, allowing only operator and visitor to see it only. In fact, you can have the complete control over your chats, data, privacy and security.

Fix up the "appointment"

With windows live chat functionality you provide your patients one such platform where online representatives could also fix up the appointment with the desired consultant. The online representatives can verify the concern consultant's schedule, and chat about appropriate timing to the patients for consultancy. This helps in saving a lot of time for the patients as they do not have to physically visit the hospital.

Improves inter-pharmacy communication

During a live online chat session at times an operator itself may require assistance or ask an available physician for assistance, with eAssistance Pro he or she could also transfer chat to this person as well. Transcripts of all chats automatically get emailed to a predefined address for verification that the correct information was given out. The system also allows customers to request transcripts of their chats with your operators.

Major Benefits of eAssistance Pro Software for Pharmacies:

Easy to install and implement

Operator panel of eAssistance Pro is easy to operate and can be learned and therefore doesn't require any programming.

Personal support and assistance

eAssistance Pro facilitates your operator give your patients the one-on-one personal assistance, which patients in general expects from a top institution.

Improved response times

Your operators could answer questions online immediately to different patients simultaneously leaving phone lines open to deal with emergency cases.

Real-time answers to critical questions

With eAssistance Pro you can always answer questions to potential customers who don't have time to wait for an email response.

Providing systematic details regarding doctors and their fees

Using live chat software operators could also provide patients about the "cost" involved for their continuing treatment and this will benefit the patient in organizing the funds.

24 x7 hours customer care service

With eAssistance Pro, 24 hour customer care service turns lot easier and can support individuals who might need a support throughout the day and night.