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Prospect monitoring

Every qualified prospect is very much like bread and butter to your business growth and with eAssistance Pro identifying them gets lot easier. In fact, this live chat software gives you the complete transparent visibility whether the designed marketing campaigns are driving prospects to your website or not, and know about other factor like how long visitor is spending on each page. And, in case you wish to send the customized messages to prospects in real time, you can easily do so with this online chat support tool.

Enhanced exchange of information

Chat software offers an easy medium of communication for online visitors who may not have access to other channels of communication while they are logged in. With Live support chat software you can guide your visitors to the websites that you are managing for references and transfer client testimonials, newsletters and other marketing collaterals just with a click.

Knowing about website errors get easy

Talking about online marketing every sales promotion is essentially a web based processes, which means visitor need to go from point x to point y to point z; now, in case visitor stops at point y, then we know that there is an error, which must get fixed. Such issues can be due to errors on a page or the page getting dropped. Fortunately, with eAssistance Pro live monitoring feature you can identify and address the problems very quickly. Consequently, you can take steps that in turn could decrease web inaccessibility.

Keyword optimization

Monitoring traffic in real time with the help of website chat feature embedded in website could also help you recognize ineffective generic keywords. Usage of generic keywords that generate numerous bounces with negligible customer retention is definitely an indication that a landing page needs to be optimized. Thus using eAsssitance Pro and viewing traffic status it gets lot easy for you to immediately review all competitor offers and landing pages for the generic keyword.

Improved brand loyalty

Live chat assistance also provides you the great way to engage visitors more who might be having trouble finding the info he or she need. Using eAssistance Pro you could just trigger an automatic live chat invitation and simultaneously assist your customers between the lead and the sale. You can successfully maximize your customers' online experience. Providing such instant response to the visitor illustrates the level of commitment and stimulates assurance in the visitor, which ultimately increase the conversion rate.

Save on phone costs while providing online instant customer service

Offering live chat support could also help you cut down the monthly expenses that you spend in telephonic conversation and at the same time your sales and support can also be handled properly. In addition, when it comes to the renewal of services or change of plan, online chat could once again provide you the convenient and customer-initiated methods of communication. Promotions and discounts can be offered to them while they are browsing.

Major Benefits of eAssistance Pro Software for Web Marketing Agencies:

Filling online enquiry forms

You can help the visitors in filling up the enquiry form, or instead, provide them instant quotes, thus eliminating the need of an online form through this live chat support.


Online chat software's location specific visitor chat window could also convince your leads about your ability to target specific online visitors segment.

Increase of conversion rate

Online help chat offer real-time opportunity to personally engage prospects and gives you the ability to interact with your website visitors in real-time.

Extend the qualified leads

With eAssistance Pro you could also improve the performance of pay-per-click and other SEO and SEM campaigns.