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Knowing what your possible customers require gets easier

For any financial advisor or consultancy organization gaining new clients or maintaining relationship with already existing ones is always essential. With eAssistance Pro your representatives can grab the opportunity to chat directly with potential customers while they browse your website. As an example, if a potential customer is browsing your site using keyword searches or web pages to get financial advice, any operator could see the sections he or she had browsed and offer help that directly relates to what the person is searching for.

Engage individually with your website's visitors

With eAssistance Pro live chat software, engage individually with your website's visitors and help them find out the information and services they are searching for. In fact, it results in having an interaction that can extremely be very valuable for both the institution and prospective customers as well. Best aspect about having an online chat interface is it facilitates you with an appropriate way to make initial contact, and provide up-to-date information on current interest rates, annuities, business loans, and much more instantly. You could very well co-browse with visitors and help them in viewing explicit content or filling out forms.

Improves Customer Service

eAssistance Pro could be your best platform where online operators could professionally engage with site visitors and provide a standard level of customer service. Just in case your financial organization use online applications for applying a new credit card or opening new accounts, and potential customers having difficulty filling out the application, then with simple live assistance you could simplify the process. Operators could send or share website visitor different financial documentation or online catalogs instantly. Such chat programs allow operators to handle multiple chat sessions simultaneously, improving efficiency and dropping support costs.

Increases visitor to customer conversion rates

eAsssiatnce Pro speeds up the entire flow of information between website visitor and your institution. Providing click-to-chat access solution makes it lot easier for you to answer time-sensitive questions professionally. You can answer daily questions regarding accounts, finance service and banking daily routine. All it takes is just few minutes to take information from the visitor and you could very well tailor it into a program that fits directly with your customer's requirements. Such targeted customer service with the help of live support chat software makes visitor feel important and re-approach your finance or banking service.

Keeps your customer service accessible 24 X 7

Your institution may not be open 24 X 7 hours. In such condition, eAssistance could be the companion you must require to give assistance to website visitors or new customers who are accessing your website. In a single click, your representative can interact directly with customers, providing them with information.

Major Benefits of eAssistance Pro Software for Financial Organizations:

Secured Communication

eAssistance Pro chat software offers secure chat environment where you can converse with your customers and Leads freely without any security hassles.

Share Latest information

Provide the latest information to the customers who deal in currencies or stocks whose value changes frequently through live support chat.

Ongoing Dividend

Investment in eAssistance Pro support offers ongoing dividends in the form of reduced cost of customer support and also as a Sales enhancement tool.

Provides additional accessing point

This is a cost-effective additional touch point to engage your customers online and provide support without any hassle.

Cross Selling

This online chat software offers a great scope to cross sell your products successfully.

Builds customer confidence

This live online chat software could also be very helpful in assisting with complex product and service decisions.