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Monitor website activity and assist more

Consultancy business can't survive without the proper marketing efforts. In such situation, eAssistance Pro live chat program could be very useful in measuring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. You could see what visitors are searching for and what pages they're going through. Using this information, you can contact them and offer the help. In fact, such interface could help you get complete information about site visitors, such as the referring page, country of origin, and even the city. You won't be required to waste money on ineffective CPC campaigns.

Reduce Customer Support and Sales Costs

Live Help customer support will enable your company to reduce the overall cost of providing customer service via. Toll free telephone support lines within your conventional help desk system.

Increase your website revenue

The major ratio of people browsing website prefer to receive immediate online assistance. Potential customers browsing website are more likely to purchase products and services after using live chat support and chatting to your operator. eAssistance Pro could successfully help you increase revenue and at the same time build confidence about your business and services in customers' mind.

Receive Invaluable Customer Feedback

Providing online consulting with the eAssistance Pro could help you receive invaluable customer feedback during and after live chat sessions, which can be very effective for your company to focus on your customer's questions. Feedback received after having live chat allows your consulting business to strive in providing complete customer satisfaction.

Maximizes the conversion of visitors into customers

To maximize the conversion of visitors into customers, you must feed visitors right information what they want. Customers don't want to spend all day to find information. To do that, eAssistance Pro chat program provides you the effective way to guide and provide exact information within the time frame. When you offer personal live chat support, every visitor admires such gesture and becomes a customer.

Major Benefits of eAssistance Pro Software for Consulting Businesses:

Instant Consulting

eAssistance Pro allows you to deliver consultancy services instantly through online chat, either as a matter of preference or in the absence of other options.

Consultancy on the Move

Providing customers an immediate assistance service, this live support chat software is accessible through standalone Operator Console or browser based consoles at any time.

Increases Customer base

Providing your customer with one such personalized and hassle-free communication service can help you reach the global audience in an effortless manner.

Secured Connection

Secured and Reliable connection through this online chat software over Internet creates an environment which is conductive for the anonymous consulting, thus offers an additional customer base for you.