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Allows tracking sales campaign

Tracking sales campaigns on multiple web pages gets lot easy. With this chat live online software, it is very much possible to see what website visitors are looking at and how much time they are spending on each one. In fact, at any time, sales operator could proactively invite these visitors to discuss what they are looking for. A healthy interaction between your online salesperson and visitor provide opportunity to increase the visitors' interest to visit the dealership in person.

Maximizes your customer support

Allows you to reach out to your prospective customers and successfully invite them to chat without any hassle. Operators could show them online brochures and send them to pages showing special discounts and promotions and apart from that could also direct them to other departments, such as parts and accessories. In addition, operators could instantly respond to customer's queries or reduce customer response time. The result is a reduction in shopping cart abandonment by as much as 25 to 30%, as well as increases in average order size.

Boost average order size

With just few clicks website visitors easily have a word in real time, directly with your online operators using text chat. And, as a replacement for of a one-way transaction your sales agents establish a two-way dialogue with customers that always can be very fruitful. Operators could very well advocate for additional products and services depending upon the visitors' needs and all within the convenient online environment. This chat website feature embedded in the website could offer real time assistance to customers at the point of purchase, increasing the average value of orders.

Helps in increasing the reliability

Research shows that major ratio of people going for an online purchase of auto parts or accessories prefer to make contact with a real person before making any decision to buy a product. With eAssistance Pro live support chat tool your customers get the best of both worlds: easy and effective convenience to shop online and at the same time instant service which they usually expect in one on one face interaction.

Major Benefits of eAssistance Pro Software for Automotive Organizations:

Always Online

Through Live Support Chat software you can offer 24 x 7 sales support service to the potential consumers, thus you will not let a single Lead going out of your fold even on weekends.

Shorten sales cycle and improves your credibility

Interacting with a company's representative through live support will enhance visitor's confidence about your services and generate more business.

Facilitates multitasking

Live help desk software allows you to assist several online visitors from different regions at the same time without putting letting visitors on hold.

High ROI

This online web chat software makes your website user-friendly and increases conversion rate resulting in high return of investment.

Reduce Costs

With eAssistance Pro your operators can handle multiple calls concurrently while at the same time not incurring phone charges.