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eAssistance Pro Version 1.5 Released
Dated - 11-Nov-2013

Lepide Software Pvt. Ltd. announces the release of an updated version of eAssistance Pro. This new version 1.5 now features various new additions to the already competent Live Chat application. One major improvement in the Admin section is the addition of SMTP server settings for better user level experience. Other changes are reflected in the Standalone Operator Console.

eAssistance Pro now allows administrators to configure SMTP settings from their own website hosting end. Using own SMTP server displays personalized email address in the “From” section whenever any communication mail is sent to recipients such as transcripts and offline messages.


Other major changes in the Standalone Operator Console are:


  • Now register for an eAssistance Pro account directly from the console login page.
  • The operator console now provides full font support for chatting.
  • Any custom question answered by the visitor while placing chat request gets displayed on the operator window during chat waiting session.
  • Now force login an already logged in operator from a new system.
  • Multilingual dictionary support has been introduced. The console displays English as default language but dictionary in many other languages can be selected for better chat support.
  • A default welcome message can be set to be sent to visitors as chat starts.
  • In the offline message section, the subject has been replaced with phone number.
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD) has been introduced under chat settings for better allocation of chat requests as per operator volume.


Other Bug Fixes:

  • Issue with browse time in the Footprints stamp has been resolved.
  • At times, the operator console displayed duplicate operator login. This issue has been successfully eradicated.
  • Multiple chat transfer log and data has been now resolved for good.


SMTP server settings can be found under Dashboard settings section upon Login. To experience all other new features, Download and install the latest version of the standalone console. With all these major updates, eAssistance Pro now provides even better user experience.