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Visitor List

This list displays visitor details with complete visitor insights. It can be accessed from the Operator Task Panel by clicking on the Visitors tab/section. It shows visitor name, department, IP address, email, host, in-time, duration, current page, geographical location, browser, OS platform and much more. These details are provided through various columns which can be sorted in an ascending or descending order through any column.

It not only shows details of all chatting visitors but also displays complete details of 'in-site' visitors and visitors who recently chatted. The same visitor list is populated across all operator consoles logged in through the same admin account and displays details of all visitors irrespective of the operator who answered the chat.

Rows within the visitor list are categorized status-wise which puts chatting, chat ended, chat refused and in-site visitors in different rows.

The visitor list also allows operators to perform additional actions. Operators can select any visitor, right-click on it and view footprints, push WebPages, invite to chat, open referrer, copy referrer, etc.