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Manage Traffic Stats or Reports:

For Account administrator:

Step1: Go to My Dashboard and Click on Reports.

Case I: For newly registered users

Step2: Enable your Report settings so that a detailed report can be generated for your account. This setting is by default Disabled, for new users.

Note: Since you have just registered, the reports can not be generated. For report generation the software is required to collect data, which is based on your website's activities, monitored by the software for a particular time period. Please check your reports after integrating the software on your website for a particular time span.

Case II: For old users

Step2: Select your domain and Data Range to view the detailed reports and Click submit. You can also click on the “View details” tab to directly look into the reports of a particular Domain.

Step3: Click on the categories listed on the left side, a summarized details of each activity on your website will appear in terms of percentage.

For For Operators:

Note: Operators can also view these reports in their Operator console, by clicking the “View Report" option from the Main menu.

Step1: Click on View Report from the main menu.

Step2: A pop up window will appear on your screen. Click on Start Sync to synchronize it with your system.

Step3: A report will generate after completing the synchronization process on your system.

Step4: Click on the detail tab to know the detailed report of each domain.

Step5: Select the activity type from the drop down menu.