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Visitor Monitoring

Real time visitor monitoring serves as the best measure to prevent site abandonment by visitors. Apart from this, this facility allows you to make business strategies and market your brand more proactively. Using monitoring aids, you can decide upon traffic centric requirements, native business solutions and operators can partake in co-browsing and pushing pages.

Visitor Tracing

Trace all your visitors at once by tracking all visitors' IP address, host name, country, browser, pages visited, navigation history, search string and more. Trace the actual demand of the customers and specify the exact figure of average queries raised per unit time.

Security Filtering

eAssistance Pro is enabled with security filtering facility to prohibit vicious visitors from entering the chat room or sharing conversation with operators. Visitors can also be banned from indulging in future chat sessions.

Track Potential Clients

Visitor monitoring effortlessly allows you narrow down your hunt for prospective buyers and customers. Analyze your visitor surfing trends, keep a check on recurring visits, time spent on-site, page visits and get to know more about your visitors. Invite them for chat and ensure you make business by offering them tailored option and service.

Load Sharing

Real time monitoring allows you to be proactive and be ready as per your site's current performance. If customer queries volume up for a certain time period, real-time monitoring allows you to take proper measures and meet the requirements.

Web-Based Monitoring

View current visitors' information in a table displayed in operator console area. Also, view the detailed list of the web pages visited by the visitor and the time spent for navigating each page. Evaluate the usage of chat support system and improve the marketing strategy towards increased productivity and better customer satisfaction.