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Spell Checker

Spell Checking helps you to be precise and concise every time. Errors and odds are best avoided to cast a good impression on your visitors and project your brands more efficiently. Check what all benefits eAssistance Pro has to offer for an impeccable conversation.

Automatic Spell Checking

We ensure that the words you use to communicate be spelt correctly. Not that mistakes are bound to happen, but to match with the speed and business requirements while dealing with multiple visitors, accuracy does gets compromised. Spell check allows you to automatically eradicate them by highlighting the errors in the sentence.

Intelligent Dictionary

Operators can add more words and acronyms as per their specific needs. Dictionary allows adding new phrases according to the configured language thus providing more flexible platform for writing and sending response.

Auto Suggestion

Provide instant and automatic suggestion for suitable words to the operators whenever an incorrect word is entered. This helps you to quickly reframe your words and use the required word with the right spelling.

Benefits of auto spell checker facility
  • Helps operators to engage maximum visitors in minimum time
  • Ensures correct and instant delivery of response messages from the operators' side
  • Empowers multi-tasking by enabling the operators with instant guidance of auto spell & grammar checking
  • Improves productivity by allowing operators to enter into multiple chats concurrently
  • Maintains smooth flow of chatting conversations for prolonged period
  • Ensures delivery of only quality messages