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A business goes well whenever the organization stays connected with its customers. Also, resolving customers' queries and responding to their feedbacks at real time increases scalability of business and strengthens the bond between clients and organization. Live Chat is the most convenient and cost-effective option to be connected with your customers.

Live Chat is primarily the main objective and feature of this extensive application. However, there's a lot more that can be done while chatting with your visitors in real-time.

Live chat with Visitors

eAssistance Pro offers you various options for integrating live chat services into your websites. It assists in performing both on-site and off-site chatting which prove to be highly beneficial for your business. The onsite chatting helps you in building better customer-operator interaction as it attracts more visitors where as off-site chatting runs in an external browser window providing more functionalities. It also helps in establishing interconnection between operators as it initiates chats among operators in separate chat rooms thus ensuring better information sharing and query resolution.

Multiple Live chat sessions

Working in eAssistance Pro salvages the problem of handling multiple queries from multiple visitors. It enables an operator to handle any number of live chat sessions simultaneously. Also, notifications for new chat messages pops-up every time in the chat window.

Easy file Transfer

eAssistance Pro encourages easy file transfer facility. User can send files to website visitors as well as receive files from them easily. Simply choose any file up to 5 MB and share it with the respective visitor. File transfer comes handy for send offers, terms, details through doc files, PDF's and image files.

Canned responses and Translation

Canned Responses serve as a portable solution to manage resources smartly. It stores appropriate answers to all common questions so that instant response can be generated to the queries of the visitors. It also ensures easy file & resource management by organizing them in hierarchical order for easy access.

Automated/ proactive chat invitations

Chat invitations are a great way to initiate valuable business communication and garner better sales. eAssistance Pro allows you to send automatic or manual chat invitations as per your convenience. Configure to send automated invitations to every visitor or let your operators decide whom to invite to chat. Also, operators can choose to send a fixed or floating invite chat window style.


Make live chat FUN! eAssistance Pro lets your visitors experience more friendly and interactive chatting environment as it allows you to add emoticons and special visual aids.

Automatic emailing of chat transcripts and call transfer

The software automatically logs all activities and makes archives of all chat transcripts. The application enables you to automatically email your live chat transcripts to one or more addresses so that you can review them later or add them to your knowledge base.

Fewer operators-multiple departments

For the organization having fewer operators, eAssistance Pro provides easy solution to handle multiple chats from multiple departments. It allows assigning fewer operators to several departments in order to respond to visitors' queries. When the visitor chooses a specific department, the operator assigned to that department answers the query. This helps to channelize traffic with limited operators which further contribute in promoting productivity.

Easy integration with your website

Live Chat works fine with any kind of website. However, if you prefer to use a CMS like Wordpress, Joomla or your site's backbone is dependent over ecommerce platforms such as Zen Cart, Magento; eAssistance Pro performs even better in conjunction. We have widgets, snippets, and plugins for every possible application which you may use to build your website.

Chat Transfer Operator-to-Operator Chat

The operators can transfer a particular visitor's chat to others if he/she is unable to answer the specific question or if a visitor has landed on a wrong department. Also, operators may chat among themselves to quickly resolve issues in case they need assistance from another operator or one wish to walk an extra mile to please the visitor on chat.