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Customization & Branding

Customizations allow branding of your website and market your brands aggressively. It helps you to blend our services into yours, so as to create an aura of appreciation. Provision of having granular level customization gives businesses maximum flexibility and allows natural blending of the Chat features with it. We have included everything to ensure that we work behind the screen; on top even your chat features looks like your own venture.

Customizable Chat Button

Let's start with the first contact point; the chat button. Choose the live chat button that meets up your website color scheme and carry the same corporate look in order to create a strong brand right across the web. We have included many but if you are still looking for something more personalized, just ensure the size and upload it.

Customizable Start Chat Form

Now, that's the next thing which pops up as soon as a visitor clicks for chat. Customize the start form as per your business requirements and add a suitable header image. It's totally up to you to choose what fields the visitor needs to answer before sending a chat request. You may even choose to make email and phone number details to be mandatory. Even field types can be selected from Textbox, Text area, Dropdown and Radio Button style.

Customizable Greeting Messages

Well apart from the actual chat session, the visitor encounters various other situations like welcome message, waiting for chat to connect message, operator offline message, chat decline message, post-chat thanks message, and the survey submission request message. We have included pre-defined content but every website has its own tone. So, customize each of these to create a rapport with your visitors in your own words.

Customizable Post Chat Survey

Enjoy the functionality to customize the survey or feedback form as per your predilection. In fact, you can customize the questionnaire as per your corporate requirements. You can define and configure post-chat surveys to accumulate precious feedback from your website visitors.

Canned Message Customization

Canned messages are the best way to avoid predictable queries and handle crunch situation. Pre-save different phrases as shortcuts to be easily used during chat sessions. This function is effective in saving your time while answering the questions with just a single click.


Add a more humane touch by adding the actual image of your operators. Let your visitors know whom they are actually conversing with. Allow or refrain visitors from receiving the chat transcript through mail or print the chat conversation. You can even set to totally skip the post chat survey. You may set local time and also writing script direction to suit your business and branding needs.