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Why Live Chat is important for your Website?

Posted on July 22, 2013

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“Research shows 60% online shoppers prefer live chat for support than any other form of interaction.”

When you are selling products online, you cannot afford to miss out solutions that your visitors prefer themselves. Incorporate live chat and equip your visitors with real time interaction services for instant communication.



1. Benefits of Humanizing the Website


A web store without live chat is like a store without attendants. It doesn’t matter how much customization you offer with navigation’s, calculators, and other widgets but still it misses a human touch. Live Chat seamlessly offers a platform for instant communication and enhances sale prospects.

2. Behavioral Marketing


Behavioral Marketing empowers you to target prospective buyers and develop better customer relations. Without it, you actually don’t know who and from where your customers are and what they do on your site. Visitor Monitoring provides relevant information such as location, referral, IP address, language, browsed pages, clicked links, time on site, etc.

3. Save Time and Resources



When time is considered money, the quicker you provide service; better are your chances of generating more revenue and save resources. Where operators can handle multiple chat sessions, visitors can multitask while chatting. Business providers save on hefty investments and visitors save on call charges.

4. Real-time Communication with Potential Buyers



Research shows that users favor live chat than email and toll-free number because of real-time issue resolution and users’ access to instant written record of conversation. Operators can track potential buyers and provide instant support to curtail response time and unnecessary wait time for visitors.




The addition of live chat on websites is a boon for online businesses. Not only it allows them to interact with their customers in real-time to boost sales but also facilitates them to create an impression on visitor’s mind and ensure recurring visits.

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