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Top 5 Benefits of Integrating Live Chat Tool to Your eCommerce Store

Posted on May 20, 2015

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If you are running an online business, then you would understand that how important it is to retain visitors for your eCommerce site. Which is why, store owners consistently seek for trying something new to hold up their website visitors and convert them to potential customers. In fact, the success of any eCommerce store is gauged by its conversion rate – it is considered as a fruitful outcome against your efforts.

Driving traffic to website isn’t enough, but you need an effective marketing strategy to hold them to generate business sales. Even if you have an excellent value propositions, compelling marketing strategies and awesome call-to-actions, but still using a monotonous automated-machine customer support, then definitely your business is lacking something serious at customer attention. No matter how good is your website design or products but if you don’t have instant-and-friendly customer support channel, all goes in vein. Ultimately customers are the life-and-blood for your eCommerce store and you need to engage them at any cost.

Live chat software works as an outstanding marketing tool to engage and sustain website visitors, lowering the bounce rate and increasing the business sales. Gone are the days of cold calling that takes hours to respond customers queries, which sometimes even turn infuriating after long waiting. Integrating a live chat tool to your online store can end-up your woes to handle customers’ queries in a jiffy.


When your customers receive prompt responds they tend to stay contented and like to visit and shop from your store more frequently. Repetitive visitors on your website have higher the chances of becoming loyal customers, while you website builds more trust and generates more leads and sales.

Let’s Ponder Upon the Impeccable Benefits of Integrating Live Chat Software

Reduces Bounce rate: Bounce Rate or Exit rate is one of the key element of evaluating the website traffic quality. Any store owner would get scared from rising bounce rate on its website as it not only hurts the business sales but also affects badly on the search engine ranking page. Although it takes time to reduce your bounce rate, such as by enhancing website content or integrating new strategy to engage visitors etc. At this moment, Live chat software can turn really helpful in reducing the exit rate of your store by adding a trigger for auto chat invitation on your store landing page, cart page etc.

For e.g., if your visitors frequently make an exit from the shopping cart page, then certainly you can shoot a chat invitation message there, like: “Can I help you to find suitable discount coupon before preceding toward payment?” When such chat option appears to the leaving visitors, then they tend to stay to receive quick responses for their queries over chat and this way you can lower-down the bounce rate.


Budget Friendly: Integrating a live chat tool on your running store is simple, quick and cost-effective. The customer substantially spends more waiting time over phone than on a live chat support. The live chat interaction is instantaneous to resolve customer queries, whereas dealing with issues in a call center environment may have to face certain barriers like noise, accent issues etc. A single live chat representative can meticulously manage multiple requests simultaneously that cannot be expected from a call center environment. Thus reducing expenses upon any additional setup or human resources without actually compromising in output.

Real-Time Tracking: Another benefit of live chat software it its real-time tracking capability to view visitors’ activities going on your e-store. The tool facilitates users to keep a track of website traffic on every day basis helping you to measure your online business popularity with real statistics. While chatting with your potential visitors, you can view their IP address, browser, footprints, email address, name etc. that overall helps you to know your audience better. These real-time statistics can be really helpful to analyze your visitors and their web activities. Upon finishing up the chats, you can gather all historical traffic to have a detailed report based on different user-specified parameters.

Precious customer Feedback’s: Feedback’s always work as a scope of progress and nothing is better than hearing directly from your customers. But nobody likes to fill up those lengthy survey forms and you can’t either expect from your customers as well. However, a live chat tool may show a miracle instead as site owners can initiate a chat invitation to start a friendly conversion and gather customers’ likes and dislikes effortlessly. Gathering customer feedback’s can be helpful for improving business growth and building long-term customer relationship.


Augmented business Sales: How you approach your visitor using the live chat tool can determine the buying decision. Live chat can build confidence in customers about your business products and services that more likely result in closing a sale. Customers when get confused or need a solution, the long-waiting calls or email replies may seem like reduced customer priority. But with live chat, you can secure your chance of closing the deal by showing immediate priority.

Integrating a reliable live chat tool to your e-store can help your business to go few extra miles against your competitors. eAssistance Pro is an advanced live chat support application that comes embedded with sales-driven features like auto-chat invitation, auto-responder, multi-instance login, dual operator consoles, add-ons, visitor monitoring, geo-monitoring, multi lingual support, traffic statistics, automatic chat distribution, advanced reports and more. Choose eAssistance Pro according to your business needs to deliver impeccable live chat support to your potential store visitors.


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