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Three Magical Tips to Create Best Live Chat Experience…

Posted on June 12, 2015

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If you are concern and believe in providing best customer support services and have integrated live chat software for real time instant support, then without any doubt definitely you are going to impress your customers and will get their wows very soon.

Chat software is in high demand by customers as it’s an era of online world and today as the trend of online shopping is gaining enormous response, most of the customers seeks help online and wish to get their query solve in the same time of their browsing website.

In fact, as per the latest studies conducted by IT experts, it has been found that online live chat satisfaction rate in customers is 71%, which is definitely highest among all other customer support tools where emails and telephones customer satisfaction rate scored around 45% and 53% respectively.

Having said that, once you have live chat software on your website and you had integrated it, it also gets important for you to provide online customers best live chat experience. Consequently, here are few simple tips that can very easily help you meet your customers’ expectations and get best reviews.

Tip 1: Know your customer more!

Face-to-face interaction with customer always be very handy. Like a store representative will handle and communicate differently with 20 years boy as compared to fifty year old man, and so such connection is required for building relationship with store visitors.

What about live chat or any platform of online customer support? Here you may be not carrying the same advantage of knowing customer age, the customer interaction compatibility score might be very different from face-to-face interaction. Definitely, the language and tone can get different and this could easily lead to complete withdrawal of prospective customers from your website.

The tip for getting connected is investing in qualitative analysis of understanding customers segments. Once this demographic information is understandable, it then gets lot easy to formulate training model and customize services depending on customers overall profile.

Tip 2: What customers really looking for?

Getting orders can tell you one aspect of your good customer support, but only your order numbers cannot give you the complete picture. To really explore the knowledge of customers (so you can manage their queries more effectively with live chat software) you need to check what exactly the query customers have related to the product or service you provide.

You can fix precise and short survey sessions with on-site customers and can make a check list of the plain areas. This smart step can be very effective and helpful in understanding the perception customers perceive about your services and product, how they use it and how really they want to interact with you.

Tip 3: Get your team trained and invest in training

To ensure best chat experience, it is also important for you to invest in customer support training programs for your chat operators. If intensive training is not possible you could very well adopt simple method and basic training principles for its effective working.

It is highly recommended to train and equip your team of chat operators with right and suitable knowledge, as it can very well help in understanding customer queries, handle their requests and provide effective solution. Proper inflow of information to your chat agents will boost their working style and build confidence to assist customers with an ease.

Happy chatting with your customers!



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