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Live Chat is no Longer Counted in Customer Support Tool

Posted on June 24, 2015

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Did you know – 85% of your business sales could be gone as “puff” because of poor customer support?

A happy customer service isn’t just about communicating with customers on time, but it involves lot more aspects than you think. If you are establishing a customer support department for your business, then you ought to aware of the available customer support options and how to handle them.

Usually, online businesses provide help desk support, automated toll-free numbers, emailing facility, social media channels etc. for the sake of customer support. But, are they really helpful when it comes to engaging online visitors, measuring the success rate or building vigorous buyer-seller relationship etc.

As you run a business, holds a workplace, owns a staff – just to sell your products or services before the customers. Your business aim is focused around the customers, so they hold the most valuable place for your business. Right?

To stand extraordinary in the mob of competitors, you need to think out-of-the-box to grab new customers while sustaining old ones. Here Live Chat tool can turn out to be a real-time communication tool to meet the objectives of your business while rendering outstanding customer support with reduced service cost.

Live Chat Has Become a Necessity of the Hour

Live chat tool is no longer counted in customer support tools, as it has step ahead of all and become a necessity for an online business.BoostingYourBusinessSales

Online visitors love to make purchases but hate to call or send an email query because of late responses. The embedded live chat tool on the website appears them to be the most attractive, hassle-free and real-time conversing option, as they don’t have to leave their particular purchasing page as well.

Because of its tremendous features and benefits, the live chat support tool has become a standalone utility for engaging customers as well as building long-term relationship. With live chat support, online businesses can give instantaneous support to their customers with an added touch of human feel, multilingual support, visitor monitoring option, auto-chat invitation, advanced reporting features etc. to let you go an extra mile without investing too high. This is where live chat support becomes a necessary tool for the survival of online business.

How Live Chat Is Better Than Phone/ Email Support


When an organization is providing phone support than it has certain guidelines for answering the customer query. The attendant needs to bear several things in mind such as picking up the call in 3 rings, speaking crystal-clear, use gentle tone and understandable accent etc. while conversing with the customer. At times, customers call angrily for their troubling issues, but putting them on hold, setting annoying hold music, or constantly transferring the calls to other departments etc. may leave them dissatisfied, which is eventually a business loss. In traditional call center environment, noisy background, delayed pick-up responses etc. may also become the reasons for customers’ disappointment. You get to handle the customer queries better over live chat without facing the barriers accent, keeping them on hold etc.

A report by White House Office of Consumer Affairs, unveils that contented customers tell their positive experience among 4-6 other folks, but a discontented customer shares his negative experience with 9-15 people. Numbers counts the real power of word-of-mouth and no business dares to challenge it.

Similarly, email customer support is considered slow as snail. Any customer would feel ignored for the late coming replies that are sometimes even worthless. Especially when you are in an eCommerce business where a potential shopper is already gone till the time you read and reply the message.

Easy-to-install and Economical to budget


Organizations love live chat tool because their customers love it. Live chat has turn out to be a primary mode of online support for offering the most convenient and the highest satisfaction rated support option among customers.

According to the key findings by a Data Research firm, 42% customers have got their issues resolved online using chat functions. The customers find the highest level of satisfaction after using chat support option.

Any business, owing an eCommerce store or a CMS-based website can easily implement live chat facility on its website. The overall set up of live chat tool is quick and hassle-free. Businesses can even fully customize the chat support option as per their specific business requirements. The cost of live chat tool integration found out to be more economical than alternative customer support channels like phone or email support. A single operator can manage concurrent customer chats (4-5) efficiently, and reducing the need for extra manpower.

With advanced chat support features like canned messages (Pre-Written responses), automated chat distribution, auto-responders, auto-invitation, customized chat operating hours etc. you can see huge cost difference and progressively over the time. You can also save the excessive expenditures on implementations and maintenance cost by switching to live chat support option.

Boosting Your Business Sales


From the early-stage of landing the visitors to your website, you can directly engage the visitors with their best interests (using their top visited pages, top referrers etc.) to the close the deal. This helps to increase online sales, improve average order size and reduced shopping cart abandonment. The powerful analytics features of the tool to allow you to view website statistics, website traffic, page traffic leads, traffic chart etc. influence your business growth and overall sales.

Let’s see what makes live chat tool so exclusive?

1. Provides ultimate convenience to your website visitors
2. Aids you to build rapport with your visitors and turning them in loyal customers
3. Gives more lively and human touch during conversation
4. Improves your average order value and conversion rates
5. Strengthen healthy and long-term relationship
6. Reduces the issues of shopping cart abandonment’s

Bottom Line

There is no shortage of live chat software out in the marketplace. Several chat tool comes with an option of trail version for a period of two-three weeks, which gives you decent time to judge them. Once satisfied with a service provider then may choose from entry-level to fully-fledged version of services according to the business needs. eAssistance Pro is one such highly advanced and acknowledged live chat tool that can be operated using dual operator console to connect with your website visitors using desktop as well as mobile devices.


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