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Live Chat Tool and Human Resource Management

Posted on July 30, 2015

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In this competitive business environment, companies are striving best to achieve their projected goals. In order to gain all this accomplishments, company needs smart and positive employees who can deliver rich contributions to a company. However, the task of searching and recruiting a talented candidate from the large pool of resources is very gruesome and time-consuming. The tough job for HR team is to find the best available resource in minimum financial budgets. To overcome these scenarios, many companies are deploying various intelligent talent acquisition strategies and sometimes outsource the recruitment process to other organization or consultancy.

To solve the mismanagement and insufficiency of Human Resource, many other companies are adopting an alternate approach, which involves the assistance of useful software applications. Out of this, many companies are betting on the Live Chat software widget to increase the influence of Human Resource on job-seekers.

How Live Chat Tool Empowers Human Resource Personnel?

Live chat applications are compact windows that floats over any webpage for providing various support services to a user who visits the webpage. Many companies are embedding this tiny widget to their websites in order to gain attention from clients. However, in relation to Human Resource department, these chat applications are being used by HR teams to recruit better candidates in minimal amount of time. Let us reveal some of the interesting facets offered by the Live Chat tool.

Frequent Follow-up on Candidates


The Live Chat application has equipped Human Resource managers to follow-up candidates who have applied to various opened vacancies. It facilitates the HR teams to execute the pre-screening of numerous candidates by exploring their skills and eligibility on live chat application itself. Because of this, companies have saved significant amount of time and money in screening the best available candidates.

Provide Accurate Info on Job Description to Job-Seekers


One of the most crucial thing in recruiting the right candidate is to match the skills of an applicant towards the required skills by a company. The Live Chat tool here comes handy in describing the exact information about job description to the applicant. The HR executives can detailed out the complete job description over the chat widget, which is very much beneficial for the right candidates. Due to this chat application, now HR personnel’s can easily contact and clear out the confusions over required job description, which filters out the ineligible candidates from the long list of applicants. Hence, at the end, the chat application saves time of both: Job-seeker and HR personnel.

Chat Streams are Secure and Authentic


It is profoundly said that the information or assurances in a written form is more authentic than the audio format. In the context of Live Chat application tool, one can derive that communication executed on the chat widget looks more reliable and genuine to job-seekers rather than telephonic conversation. When HR personnel discloses all information about the posted job to a candidate using the Live Chat tool, then the candidate will feel positive about the information given as it’s in the written proof. Apart from this, these chat applications are highly encrypted and secure such that no one else can intrude or leak the information shared by HR and applicant.

Solution: eAssistance Pro

eAssistance Pro is one of the comprehensive and customizable live chat application, which can be easily embedded on Websites for assistance. The software provides an essential visitor monitoring feature and renders rich and simple graphical interface. The eAssistance Pro software has the facility to invoke auto-chat invitations, which is an extraordinary enhancement in the live chat tool. Furthermore, the software has the provision of storing instant responses according to the service domain, which facilitates the fast chat exchange.



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