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Important Live Chat Tips for New Beginners

Posted on April 28, 2015

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Live chat agents daily tasks evolve dealing with customers, assisting them and providing with right solutions. Chat agents can be classified as sales, support and billing agents. If you are new to live chat and being assigned to handle chat queries we are going to tell you about some amazing helpful tips for wonderful chat experience.

Simple rules can be followed with friendly easy approach with understanding user’s queries making proper flow of sentences can help in getting better results. Please follow some important tips mentioned below -


1. Start working for customers keeping in minds their interest -

A new chat agent need to understand peoples interest first apart of their interest. May be during transaction your customers wants some additional features and want to share something new, it’s important to understand this and then pitch customer accordingly. Let your customer interest and choice to be addressed first. This will help you as your customers will trust you and signifies you as responsible representative.

2. Bird eye view over your website traffic -

Keep a bird eye over your website traffic, check returning and new customers on real time and study a bit about their activities. It will help you to understand customers usual activities, their preferences and about their buying behavior.

3. Invite for help chats -

May be customer doesn’t seems willing to start a live chat, here it’s important that chat agent can itself take this responsibility and starts a chat, your customer can accept the chat and simply can decline it too but at least it shows your concern for your customer, they will feel welcome and it will be in their mind that there is someone who can help them for their need. Automatic invitations can also be set where online visitors will be invited automatically.

4. Getting message before user type -

This is exclusive chat feature of eAssistance Pro where chat agent can see the visitor message typing before he/she send message. This actually helps in increasing response type of agents Your agent total productive time gets increase. This feature has helped many of eAssistance Pro users and has lead to much efficient response time and overall increase in sales has been noticed.

5. Pre chat window forms

One can see chat form field before initiating the chat. This chat form field actually helps to gather basic information about user like name, email id and sometimes his query. This helps customer and agent both as the right query can be transferred to most efficient agent and that chat agent can handle conversation smartly.

6. In-between chat transfers

It’s not necessary that a chat agents knows solution to every query, if you are new with live chat and get stuck please transfer your chat to other efficient operator. It’s just a matter of few seconds and customer query can be handled properly.

7. Proper training and skill development sessions

Chat agents with learning mode with zeal to learn new things will definitely improve their skills with every chat conversation they do. New chat agents can go through various blogs and posts available for effective customer support and can check trends in online live chat software for websites. Frequent training sessions can also help for making new chat agents well trained. Talking about behavioral training the chat agents can be ask to refer:


Hope these tips will help new chat operators to work effectively and they become expert in handling chat queries with every time increase in customer satisfaction.  Checking feedback’s and studying current trends in market are always helpful for new as well as experienced chat operators.


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