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How Live Chat Tool is Turning a Next-Generation Customer Support Tool

Posted on July 27, 2015

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What would be the most pleasant customer service channel?

A. Is it Emails
B. Phone,
C. Or an Online live chat support

It is a surprising response to find that ‘live chat support’ is no less than a phone support. Being a newbie, live chat support tends to become one of most important communication channels for businesses today.


According to a survey by a research & advisory company, it unveils that both phone and live chat tool could present the same outcome, upon the preferences of query type. However, the reports also unveils that 42% of customers trust live chat support compared to 23% on emails and 16% on social media channels.

Live Chat Creating a Huge Difference

The context of live chat support no longer confined to region of technical help desk. But it could work as a customized salesperson figure for every page of shopping portal (or other domain websites) to provide instant assistance to the average customers, who are confused and about to abandon your website.

Today’s online businesses are getting aware of the interesting facts and figures offered by proactive chat tool for the websites to engage targeted audience and sales.

According to the key finding gathered by an information technology research and advisory company, unveils that approximately half of customers prefer to use proactive chats for online shopping. It also reveals that young audience is 20% more likely than baby boomers to go for live chat assistance. In the same reference, the latest facts also suggests that these purchases made by young group is expected to reach 30% of retail sales by the year 2020.

Live Chat Wins Over Phone: For Convenience And no Hold Factors

The limited hold time and utter convenience are the major motivation factors for preferring live chats. Live chat is a bonus, especially for the audience who are used to instant messaging and texting.

Every business seek to provide effortless customer services, where customers can easily approach to them. In live chat support service, the first contact of the customers with business representatives is generally pleasant -

A. The customer is immediately attended with no or limited wait time
B. There is no sign-in or sign-out process

These two things reduces the obstacles to reach and direct contact with the operator. Also, the customers are often more enthusiastic to ask a query using live chat support.

According to a survey on eCommerce sites by Software Company, it unveils that most live chats end up on a contented note. Due to this positive outcome, around 63% of audience is more likely to reach to the websites embedding live chat support, 38% of respondents finished up their purchases during the chat session and nearly about 60% of respondents found out to be repeated customers.

Live Chat Has Painless Implementation

Setting up a call center infrastructure for customer support service can be painful, but setting up a live chat involves no pain. Live chat is an add-on software that can be embedded with the company’s web portal or existing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform. It can be quickly implemented within a short span of period.

Having Live chat tool means

1. Ultimate convenience to your website visitors to approach you
2. Quick response to chats and leaving no customers waiting and unattended
3. Building strong rapport and hence converting visitors to loyal customers
4. Human touch to all conversation with meaningful chat sessions
5. Improvised conversion rates
6. Lowering the problems of shopping cart abandonment
7. Insight review with traffic stats and reports
8. Easy to manage live chat operating hours
9. Budget-friendly solution

There is no dearth of choices in the marketplace, when you look out for live chat software. Choose a tool that suits your marketing needs and ready to go beyond just answering the customer queries. eAssistance Pro is a one such decent live chat tool embedded a host of smart features, like auto-chat invitation, auto-responder, multilingual facility, visitor monitoring, traffic stats, advanced reports, Geo mapping, customization, dual operator consoles, Facebook integration more, to set up a great live chat experience.



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