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Engage Your Customers with Proactive Customer Support Approach

Posted on July 10, 2015

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What is the topmost priority for any online business? Without a doubt, it’s the customers for whom the entire business revolves around. Therefore delivering them a top-notch customer experience is what all companies seek for. But do you exactly know what your customers are expecting from you?

In fact, businesses need to first understand the communication channels, before building any customer service strategy. A customer support channel is said to be successful when it meets the business goals, including the one to proactively engage the online audience & customers while minimizing the wait time.

What Is Your Customer Service Approach: Reactive or Proactive?

Does your business use a reactive or proactive approach to reach out to your customers? Well, let us guess it for you. All you need to do is to simply select the options for the following questions:

Question 1:  Imagine a scenario, where your server goes down, because of some technical issues while resulting in poor loading of your website pages.

A. You wait for the customers to approach you and so that you can explain them what problem is going on your website.
B. You immediately inform the customers about the ongoing problem before they come to know or detect the issue

Question 2:  Many visitors or customers approach you regarding the query of the nature of your operations. If again a customer approaches with the same question, then do you:

A. Answer it, no matter how many times they approach you for the same.
B. Provide a FAQs section to fulfill the common queries asked by the website audience.

Question 3:  While browsing your online store, a visitor has some confusion: How the problem gets resolved:

A. Do customer approach you by going through your contact page info – then leave an email or call you to talk to the representative.
B. You attend or engage the visitor by initiating the conversation through live chat

Well, if you have selected most A’s then certainly your business use reactive approach, whereas for most B’s your business makes use of Proactive customer support.

Till now you would have got a clear notion about proactive customer service support. As here, you take the initiative to tackle the customers’ problems early and speedily by anticipating and putting yourself in customer’s shoes. In order to anticipate and fulfill the cutting-edge needs of your potential customers, your business needs to be proactive in terms of customer service support.

Use Proactive Customer Support Approach to put yourself in your Customer’s Shoes


All Ears to Your Customers

As we have read above that it is imperative to value your customers’ time and listen to them with all ears. Listing to your customers is one of the important methods to engage them. Sometimes, we neglect or forget what the customers say about the purchased product or service, but it could be a dicey situation for the brand reputation - when a negative feedback or review is posted on the customer’s account regarding their bad experience.

Engage With Your Customers with Proactive Chats

According to same Forrester survey, it was unveiled that 44% of the visitors were contented to make the purchase after being responded quickly during their online purchase. A live chat customer support can be of great help for chat invitation to the visitors after viewing their browsing history. An instant resolution to the customer’s query over the chat by an expert can be really meaningful for your business and help you close the deal remarkably.

Connect your audience using a live chat support using:

-> Auto-chat invitation feature to break the ice and initiate the conversation with the customers
-> Customized or trigger-based chat setting including greeting messages, Post chat survey, canned messages etc.
-> Automatic chat distribution to organize distribution of incoming request during peak traffic
-> Visitor monitor feature to know your audience better (through navigation history on site, search string, page visited etc.) before you chat.

The adoption and implementation of live chat software to the business websites has risen from 30% to 43% in recent years. The facts clearly demonstrate that customers love using chat support for instantaneous query resolution. eAssistance Pro is a popular live chat software that is helping numerous brands to grow exponentially using proactive communication approach. This live chat tool is highly reliable and friendly to integrate and offers an array of proactive chat features to stand out in the crowd.

Live Chat Drives Your Brand to Goal

Upon providing proactive chat support facility to the targeted audiences during their skeptical online journey, brands have successfully capable of engaging the visitors and converting those into loyal customers. According to the reports from Snapfish by HP, showcases an impressive growth for the businesses that implemented live chat support services to their websites. It reveals an overall 10% of growth in average orders, and an 87% of customer satisfaction upon using proactive chat support. The actual numbers & facts do walk the talk and it’s the time that brands must understand the main ingredients missing for the business to succeed.



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