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5 Live Chat Trends You’ll See in 2015

Posted on June 23, 2015

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In last couple of years, Live chat software has gained enormous popularity in the e-marketing world. Studies shows that Live chat software downloads are increasing day by day due to its compatibility feature with CMS and CRM platforms. Millennials are fond of this amazing tool, as it is an attractive and convenient communication option for them. If fact, these days, every next live chat tool available in the market is going through modification and adding new features to keep it in vogue. Even chat software users are trying to experiment with it to increase the productivity of their business. Here are 5 Live chat trends, you can expect to see this year:

 1. Micro Targeting through Live chat software:

Live chat software is not just limited to a chatting tool now, but features like traffic monitoring, website analytics and report generation have been added to it. With such advanced features chat users will try to target their consumers in small groups. With the help of live chat software they’ll try to segregate their potential customers from general customers, by analyzing their chat transcripts and post chat surveys.


2. Live chat application for androids:

With escalating use of android and tablets, both consumers and entrepreneurs will prefer mobile chat app over normal live chat software for website. Android application for live chat software was in demand from a long time, which will be fulfilled this year, with the introduction of Live chat app by major chat service providers. The user friendly and interactive graphic interface of the mobile app will enhance the customer engagement process.


3. Increased compatibility with CRM and CMS platforms:

Major Live chat providers will try to collaborate with maximum CMS and CRM platform, to drag more customers. Even the process of integration will be simplified, so that anyone can install chat software on their website without any practical assistance.

4. Minimal Live chat buttons:

You’ll see minimal and flat designs of chat buttons trending on websites. These eye catching designs will match the new outlook of the website. For coping up with the new website trends users will choose the Live chat service, which will provide such designs.

5. Pay minimum and get maximum:

Service providers will slow down their prices and will also provide exclusive free packages with maximum features. Due to tough competition, they’ll focus more on increasing their customers. Live chat software bangs maximum downloads compared to other software’s in the market, so almost all the existing software companies are developing this software to amplify the number of targeted consumers. In 2015, you’ll see more chat services with minimum subscription prices and maximum features.

In coming days, Live chat software will dominate the web, developers will try to make it more customers centric and its users will try to make maximum use of it. So, keep using live chat and keep getting more of it.


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