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Android Support

Allow your visitors to cherish the magic of Android and eAssistance Pro together; now even from their mini-screens. Whatever device they use or whichever Android version they prefer, eAssistance Pro chat services is same for all.

So, let potential visitors get connected through chat support even from those smaller screens. All you need to make sure is that your website is mobile friendly. If your website is customized for Samsung Galaxy S series, eAssistance Pro chat will also be there. If accessing your site is comfortable from a tablet, so will be the option of starting an online conversation from the tablet itself.

Considering the wide range of mobile companies incorporating Android OS in their mobile devices and specially when these sizes range anything from 2.5" screens to mighty 5" screens, it is really a concern whether chat services will be supportable on those devices or not.

However, eAssistance Pro is totally customizable and any size fits it. Therefore, you need not worry whether your mobile users will be able to make the most from your chat support services or not.