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eAssistance Pro Plugin for Wordpress

Wordpress hosts millions of web sites and certainly is the most popular blogging system. With Wordpress, you can always do more, you can always have more and you can always gain more. Assimilate eAssistance pro with your wordpress site and sail on the winds of success to reach unlimited number of visitors in real-time.

For quick and hassle free integration of live chat services on your websites, we already have created plug-ins. Thus, to help you easily integrate eAssistance pro in your Wordpress powered websites, follow these simple steps. All you need to do it to search and allows them on your WebPages.

Here it is how: Plug-ins can be either downloaded from our website first and then uploaded from Dashboard or looked for directly from Plug-ins directory.

eAssistance Pro Plugins for Wordpress - Download here


Step 1: Download the above eAssistance Pro plugin for the wordpress

Step 2: Login to your Wordpress account using admin credentials and go to Dashboard -> Installed plugins page

Step 3: Now, either Search for eAssistance Pro plug-in from there or upload the downloaded zipped file for Wordpress plug-in from our website.

Step 4: Now click Activate Plug-in to activate it.

Step 5: Go to setting section of Word press account , click on eAssistance Pro live chat.

Step 6: Login into your eAssistance Pro account and copy the chat code from and paste it in the text area

Step 7: Now choose from automatic installation or manual installation to complete the installation procedure.

Step 8: Update it and take a look at your website to see eAssistance Pro chat button appear live on all your pages

[Optional] For the recommended chat code only

Step 1: Go to the appearance section of wordpress admin account

Step 2: Under appearance section, go to widget, Drag the eAssistance Pro to the main site

Step 3: Place the chat code at the desired location

Step 4: Save the settings

Now, check your WebPages for the Live Chat icon.

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